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About Us

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Our Why

So Fresh So Green Juice Co was created to make drinking healthy juices fun, tasty and relatable.

  • Fun by connecting our juices to our love of music.

  • Tasty because each recipe is carefully orchestrated like your favorite song.

  • Relatable like the melody of a song that keeps your body moving.

The So Fresh Story


So Fresh So Green Juice Co. was born out of our idle time throughout the quarantine. A friend challenged us to go 2 weeks without meat. Through that challenge we started to explore vegan meals including juicing. We bought a small juicer and started to play around with recipes. Family time was spent juicing and tasting the different blends of fruits and vegetables.


Donte, the founder and co-owner of So Fresh So Green Juice Co., has always had a love for fruit juices. Stemming from his many childhood memories working at his grandfather's corner store in West Philly, making smoothies (Nice ‘n Fruity). Which were made by blending frozen fruit with simple syrup. The birth of the So Fresh juices was an attempt to still enjoy the taste of fresh juices without the extras.


We were producing so much juice that we started to share with friends and family. After hearing how tasty our juice blends were, we decided to explore what it would take to sell them. After a lot of mentoring, coaching and research, we decided to take a leap of faith and that is how, So Fresh So Green Juice Co. was born and married with Donte’s other love is music.  The union created the music theme that is carried through our company and juice names!

We are a family-owned small batch juicing company, based in Perkasie (Hilltown) PA. We procure our ingredients and produce our juices locally. Our mission is to change the culture around juicing to a fun culture that enables people to grab readily available relatable juice options that support their overall health and lifestyle. 

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